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Founded on a 30 year old legacy of mining experience

Philosophy of ERMAD Olivine

Our Company which started to produce feldspar under the name of ERMAD in 1986, has undergone through dynamic processes and continues its activities as ERMAD Olivine. The Company, which was formerly a producer of sodium feldspar (albite), now presents its new product, sodium+potasium feldspar to both domestic and foreign markets and owns the most valuable olivine zones of the country.

The existence of ERMAD Olivine is a real story of success:
Experience, hard-work, positive logic and good intention joined together, formed a crystal of values and created ERMAD Olivine.

Every true intension, which reflects on this crystal, has turned into successful, profitable and long-term corporations and added values that are created together. And of course it will…

With its skilled personnel, its perfect service principles and mentality that is based on productivity and valuable feldspar zones, ERMAD Olivine is able to meet the demands of ceramic producers all over the world. The Company exports to countries in Middle East, Far East and Europe.

On the other hand, the valuable olivine zones of the Company are ideal for iron and steel, foundry, refractory and sandblasting industry. Our olivine has high melting point and magnesium oxide content, low L.O.I. rate and relatively high-density.

But it should always be remembered that, from the date of its establishment, ERMAD Olivine is essentially a feldspar producer and it is working hard to keep this story of success alive by providing the ‘continuous and perfect quality’ for your business.

Founder and Director of ERMAD Olivine




About Us

Ermad Olivin Group is a newly established company, whose purpose is to promote the quality of Turkish OLIVINE, FELDSPAR and QUARTZİTE to the users in Turkey and all around the world, to ensure their usage.

Since the beginning, our company is getting off the ground by experienced staff. Ermad Olivin has passionately focused on providing the highest quality in mining and professional service at competitive prices.

ERMAD Olivine achieved our success through hard work, experience and dedication to our products and service. The constant quality of our products is based on the continuous control of the materials and the processing stages. We provide High Purity and Quality Product with Best Service.

Leader in the Olivine Market

After the establishment, Ermad Olivine has completed the procedures of production on OLIVIN, FELDSPAR and QUARTZITE quarries. Furthermore, we’ve gotten new mining licences and new olivine quarries so that we are one of the most importnant and well-known producer and exporter of high quality olivine.

about ermad


ERMAD OLİVİN appropriated a professional management consideration and cleared its target as ‘being a respectable brand of the sector’. ERMAD OLİVİN succeeds to set its production and service organization to the preferred standards indeed.  Ermad Olivine quarries are the highest quality reserves of Olivine, Feldspar and Quarzite among Turkey and the world. The quarries are located in Muğla and Aydın. The compnay is being managed by headquarters in İzmir. We have bulk loadings from Güllük Port and container loadings from İzmir Port.

Muğla Quarry : We have five Olivine-Quarries and  one Feldspar-Quarry in Muğla.

  • Pirenyarı (Olivine)
  • Beşparmak Tepe (Olivine)
  • Işın (Olivine)
  • Kayabükü (Feldspar)

Aydın Quarry : Quartzite and Feldspar

about ermad


Ermad Feldspar

Our company was founded as a successor of former ERMAD, a company with long tradition in the sodium feldspar, which has been supplied to many countries all over the world.

Under today’s economic conditions the prices of raw materials in the ceramic sector have become more of an issue. For this reason we intend to bring the Egamin- Feldspar to the feldspar users.

We, Ermad Olivin, start to turn towards a new type of feldspar. This new type of feldspar named Ermad- Feldspar contains Na20+K20. Na20+K20 feldspar deposits extend from Selimiye, north of Milas to northwest. Our first mine is conveniently located only 45 km from the Port of Güllük in Kayabükü Village. Therefore exports can be easily made to any location.  The basis of the production is an open pit mine. There is no soil cover and seal rock on the surface of our product (Ermad- Feldspar). Furthermore the mine field adjacent to only one kilometer dirt road and the rest of it is asphalted. All these provide a great advantage for our mineral deposit.

Ermad Feldspar Specification

Ermad Feldspar Products Chemical Analysis

Fe Ti Na K2O
0,16 ± 0,04 % 0,10 ± 0,02 % 6,3 ± 0,2 % 3,2 ± 0,4 %
Si Al Ca Mg
74 ± 0,5 % 14 ± 0,5 % 0,3 ± 0,02 % 0,10 ± 0,02 %


Physical Characteristic Feldspar

Color usually white / white – grey
Specific Gravity 2,5 – 2,65 g/cm3
Hardness 6,0 – 6,5 Moh’s scale
Melting Point 1210 C°



Ermad Quartzite

Quartz and Quartzite are one of the most useful natural materials. Their advantages can be linked to their physical and chemical characteristics. They have a hardness of seven on the Moh’s Scale which makes it very durable.

It is commonly used in the industrial world for various purposes:

ERMAD Quartzite is used in glass-manufacturing factories for making glass, for making ceramics, as a material used in the construction business and in the foundry industry for making moulds. It is also used as a filter for some liquids, in the manufacturing of sandpaper and whetstones, in the scouring of powders, in sandblasting.

Our Quartzite deposits are located in south-west of Çavdar village (Söke/Aydın) – 85 km far from Güllük Port.

Ermad Quartzite Specification

Ermad Quartzite Products Chemical Analysis

Fe Ti Na K2O
0,15 ± 0,02 % 0,018 ± 0,002 % 0,05 ± 0,01 % 0,023 ± 0,0024 %
Si Al Ca Mg
98,5 ± 1 % 0,1 ± 0,02 % 0,06 ± 0,02 % 0,05 ± 0,02 %


Physical Characteristic Quartzite

Color usually colourless
Specific Gravity 2,65 g/cm3
Grain Shape hexagonal
Hardness 7 Moh’s scale
Melting Point 1717 C°




Ermad Olivin

‘ERMAD OLİVİN is the leading producer of best quality Olivine in Turkey’

ERMAD OLİVİN’s olivine is dunite and a forsterite rich mineral and our olivine products are ideal for iron&steel, foundry and refractory applications due to its.

  • High melting point
  • High magnesium oxide content
  • Low L.O.I. rate
  • Relatively high density
  • Hard grains
  • Excellent heat storing properties

Also one of the important properties of olivine is that it is a non-hazordous mineral and no containing free-silica, so that handling olivine sand does not affect the health in any way.

Applications of Olivine

  • Slag Conditioner: Olivine is largely used as slag conditioner because it improves sintering capacity and product quality, reduces energy consumption and reduces also required tons of slag conditioner.
  • EBT tap hole filler for electrical arc furnaces:  The use of high quality olivine sand as tap hole filler material can achieve opening rates of 97-100%.


  • Moulding sand for metal foundries: olivine sand is easy to work with and can be recycled and re-used without difficulty. It is ideal for the casting of manganese steel and non-ferrous castings because it produces a clean surface which requires a minimum amount of finishing. Moreover operators are not exposed to any health risk by handling sand.
  • Refractory products: olivine sand is the raw material for bonded forsterite bricks and for storage heaters. All these products make use of olivine’s insulating, heat storing and refractory properties.
  • Monolithics like insulting spray mixes, gun mixes, castables and repair mixes.
  • Blasting Sand: Olivine is an effective blasting material with its hard, angular grains and high relative density which increases its impact.
  • Mineral wool production.
  • Researches are going to make use of olivine to sequester CO2. Olivine has the potential to reduce CO2 globally. It is also possible to use the concept of enhanced weathering by applying powdered olivine to farmland and woodland that are threatened by acid rain; this is probably the cheapest way to sequester large volumes of CO2, while it provides at the same time an effective way to counteracting the effect of acid rain on forests, and improving the quality of the forest soil. [P.Krijgsman,2006]
  • Fertilizer Industry: Olivine is used in fertilizers in order to enrich the soils in terms of magnesium and iron.
Ermad Olivine Specification

Ermad Olivine Products Chemical Analysis ( Pirenyarı Quarries )

MgO SiO2 Fe2O3 Al2O3 CaO TiO2+Cr2O2+MnO+NiO L.O.I.
46-50 % 43 % 6 % 1,5 % 1 % 3 % 0,5 %


Ermad Olivine Products

Slag Conditioner Tem.40
EBT Sand Topping Hole Filler for EAC 3–7 mm, 2–7 mm, 1–5 mm
TDK Sand Tundish Supporting Sand Monolithics Spray Mixes 1–3 mm, 0–3 mm
Blast Cleaning Sand 0,5–1 mm, 1–3 mm
Foundry Sand ( micronize ) in required AFS Standart Sizes





The Quarry

The quarries are located in
Muğla and Aydın.